Belgrade Music Week is one of the favorite summer festivals of popular and urban music held in Ušće. The festival, which represents the future of the entertainment industry, has five editions behind it where all the biggest stars of the new generation have performed. More than 25 performers, who are representatives of the biggest regional icons of trap, Balkan trap and urban pop music, together with the leaders of the new music wave, make a great atmosphere every year during all three days of the festival. Every year, an audio-visual spectacle is guaranteed with technical production and stage effects that set the standards of the live industry.

This year's edition of the festival stood out by surpassing its predecessors, gathering an impressive line-up of big stars on the main stage in Usce. Breskvica, Devito, Teodora, Crni Cerak, Lacku, Ema and Albino, In Vivo, Nucci and Voyage performed. The music icons remained genuinely excited even after they left the stage, and the emotions of those present were not absent. During the three evenings of the festival, it was clearly shown that music, great entertainment and passion help to unite people from different parts of the world. The performances of the biggest regional pop, trap and hip-hop stars at this well-known location will surely remain the subject of many conversations and memories. The performers and the audience together created unforgettable moments full of energy and passion that will be recounted for a long time.