Nikos Vertis Concert

Nikos Vertis, the legendary Greek musician, held his first concert in front of the Belgrade audience at the "Tašmajdan" stadium. He was supported on stage by thirty top musicians and provided an unforgettable concert experience. The visitors were amazed by the impeccable sound, high-quality production and spectacular audio-visual effects brought by "Skymusic", which was in charge of organizing the concert.

A big surprise for the audience was the appearance of Saša Kovačević, a popular pop artist, who was a special guest at the concert. Saša Kovačević delighted the audience with his performance of one of Nikos Vertis' greatest hit - "Thelo Na Me Nioseis". For the first time in Serbia, the audience could hear the original version of this song and Kovačević's interpretation of "Živim da te volim". This concert at the Belgrade "Tašmajdan" stadium will remain in the memory of all present, and will forever be part of the rich history of musical events in the Serbian capital.