Guča festival

After five days of unforgettable celebration, the 62nd Dragačevski Trumpet Festival concluded with a spectacular ten-minute fireworks display and a formal presentation of prestigious festival awards. Throughout the entire festival, Guča set attendance records, welcoming an impressive half a million visitors to the event. This festival celebrates authentic trumpet music, Serbian culture, and a euphoric atmosphere, attracting attendees from all over the world. Visitors express admiration for Guča as a place where music brings people together and transcends all barriers. Guča offers a unique experience with trumpeters, music around every corner, a rich selection of food and drinks. The festival is not only for tradition enthusiasts but also for music enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

This year's 62nd Dragačevski Trumpet Festival was enriched by outstanding performances by renowned trumpet artists and various cultural events in Guča. During the three-day festival, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy impressive performances by Dejan Petrović Big Band, Bojan Krstić, Elvis Bajramović, Dragan Pavlović, Marko Trnavac, Dejan Lazarević, Saša Krstić, and the National Ensemble of Folk Dances and Songs from Kosovo and Metohija "Venac". Special concerts by Aca Pejović and Aleksandra Prijović were reserved for the “Predaborksi dani “.

On the last day of the festival, a competition for finalist trumpet orchestras took place, featuring some of the most recognizable names in Serbian folk music. Sunday, August 13th, brought a real treat for fans of folk music through the performance of the RTS National Orchestra with special guest soloists - Nikola Rokvić, Bane Mojićević, Stevan Anđelković, and Aleksandar Tirnanić.