Koncert Aleksandre Prijović

Aleksandra Prijović kicked off her regional tour "OD ISTOKA DO ZAPADA" with three sold-out spectacles in the country's largest concert hall. As the first contestant from "Zvezde Granda" to sell out the Štark Arena, she justified her status as the current biggest concert performer in the Balkans and beyond with her powerful voice and emotional performances. Special guests, including Aco Pejović, Lexington Band, Lepa Brena, Saša Matić, and Dejan Kostić, joined her on stage, adding to the grandeur of all three concerts with their presence and vocal abilities.

Boundaries Redefined

When we promise to push boundaries, we truly deliver. From unique visuals and outdoor and digital campaigns to the grand media conference which took place for the first time right within the Štark Arena, to unforgettable concert spectacles. A groundbreaking stage design in Belgrade, with an area of 380m2, a 300m2 LED screen, and the largest number of speakers ever installed in the Arena, all contributed to these three concerts reaching epic proportions. All our sectors quickly adapted the space for the spectacle, ensuring flawless event organization. Another colossal project and proof of our world-class PREMIUM organization on a global scale.